Kowee Solutions Are Now Live at Marseille Provence Airport

Feb 4, 2019

With more than 120 destinations, 30 countries of destination, and 24 new routes opened in 2019, Marseille Provence airport continues its growth at a high pace. With an increasing number of domestic and international travelers the airport is facing a critical parking capacity challenge. Marseille Provence airport has therefore decided to partner with Kowee for the revenue management of its parking offerings.

Marseille has chosen Kowee, the leading provider of Dynamic Pricing solutions for the parking industry, after Paris airport and other major European airports had done so in 2018.

The objective for Marseille Airport is to leverage its parking facilities to maximize its revenues as well as provide its customers with the highest possible service standard. Its parking booking facilities now propose the right price, at the right time and for the right length of stay.

Kowee’s cutting-edge car park Yield Management solution precisely responds to this objective. Machine learning forecasting models together with a highly sophisticated revenue optimization engine will help the airport accompany the natural growth of the “pre-bookings” segment while at the same time proposing adequate rate offerings to the “roll-up” segment.

Marseille Airport Car Park

We particularly enjoy Kowee’s user-friendly solutions, which were implemented smoothly at Marseille Provence Airport only a few weeks ago.

We can already see first benefits, both in terms of occupancy optimization and revenue growth.

Julien Boullay

Commercial and Marketing Director, Marseille Provence Airport

Kowee’s parking revenue management solution lies on deep-learning forecasting modules as well as on a demand-based optimization engine, the overall system aiming at finding the optimal length-of-stay-mix, key for parking revenue optimization.

The growing digitalization of the parking sector (inducing more and more competition between the parking operators – due to more booking habits prior a flight or new digital parking offerings around airport platforms) has clearly pushed further the ambition of Marseille Provence Airport to drive more revenue while at the same time facing such a changing environment.

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