Car park revenue management

Parking revenue management

From business intelligence to dynamic pricing

The implementation of Kowee car park revenue management solutions help parking operators gain a minimum of 5 to 10% additional parking revenues.

Years of R&D have been devoted to the design of parking revenue management solutions that would directly address the specific parking problematic. This applies to situations of capacity shortage, as well as circumstances of excess capacity. For instance, our solution considers which length of stay segment should be favored or whether the highest revenue per hour or the overall ticket amount should be encouraged. Furthermore, our tools will provide you with the optimal trade-off between short and long-stay tickets.

Kowee’s parking revenue management suite

Car park revenue management starts with data analysis: K-Analytics addresses this need, providing parking operators with series of revenue management dash-boards.

The second objective that Kowee’s parking revenue management solutions proposes to achieve is pricing policy definition: this is answered by K-Pricing.

Most sophisticated brick of Kowee’s car park revenue management product portfolio, K-Yield is a true dynamic pricing solution: thanks to its proprietary algorithms, it proposes real-time optimal prices for any local parking demand context.

Woman with shopping bags in car park


The custom-tailored, cloud based Kowee parking business intelligence solution for car park actors.

A red car and a blue car in a parking


The real time pricing simulator helping parking operators fine tune their pricing policies and achieve parking revenue optimization.

A full car park with a lot of vehicles


The true car park dynamic pricing solution helping parking operators increase their revenues immediately.