About us

The Team

Yield & Pricing expertise to face the parking business challenges

Kowee has been launched to accompany the parking sector mutation towards data driven digitalization

How Kowee was born

Xavier and Mathieu first met in 2000 designing Yield Management softwares in the media sector (advertising revenue optimization): their solutions have been sold all over Europe.

They founded Kowee in 2013 with the objective to offer the parking market the best dynamic pricing solutions. It is thanks to a consultancy mission commissioned by Lyon airport (posing the question of the feasibility of yield techniques in the car park sector), that they decided indeed to build an ad hoc solution, nourished by their yield expertise acquired in the airline industry, media, hotels, etc. but proposing something completly different, 100% dedicated to the parking sector.

After an initial crucial R&D phase, the solution is rapidly developing in France and later in Europe. The mathematical rigor needed to design yield parking solutions is their passion, as well as the design of easy-to-use solutions.

More generally, customer satisfaction and operational results are at the heart of Kowee’s DNA. This is why Kowee’s teams know their customers’ parking data very well and position themselves not only as software providers but first as business partners.

Kowee is profitable for several years, produces more than 1 million optimized prices per day and counts major European airports among its customers.


CEO and cofounder

Before founding Kowee, Xavier worked for nearly 20 years in the field of revenue management: he created the Revenue Management department at Air France Cargo after designing an innovative Yield Freight solution (later adopted by Delta Airlines) ), then joined the software edition in the media sector where he will also be NRJ Group’s Revenue Management Director.

With a degree in engineering from Mines de Paris and an Exec MBA (ENPC), Xavier contributes to the commercial development of Kowee as well as to the design of the most advanced algorithms of Kowee solutions.

In his spare time, Xavier favors the activity of his right brain to indulge in writing (committing in 2016 a first novel).


CEO and cofounder

Mathieu has always been fond of algorithms and has always worked to design innovative solutions to serve customers. The first software he participated in was dedicated to yield management for the media and has been successful in Europe. After strengthening his experience in complex project and management, he embarked in the Kowee adventure with Xavier.

Having a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and engineer of ESPCI, Mathieu manages product delivery and projects to get the best customer satisfaction.