Parking dynamic pricing in the center of Cannes city, France

Jun 26, 2020

Depending on the actual parking attendance and the forecast of entries and exits, gate prices are dynamically changed 5 times a day

Kowee is very proud to announce that since Monday 23rd  June 2020, its dynamic pricing solution for roll-up car parks is up and running in a new parking of the Interparking group, in the center of Cannes city.

We warmly thank the Interparking Group team for the trust they put in Kowee team and solutions. We also thank our partners in this project (Thales and Infotrafic) for the intensive preparation of the dynamic pricing policies that will be applied during this somewhat special Covid-recovery phase.

The principle is to adjust the prices according to the observed parking attendance, 5 times a day (6am, 12pm, etc.), identifying the timeslots where prices can be lowered for certain customer segments only (depending on their length-of-stay).



Car Park Revenue Optimization

Grid n°621 was for example applied during the afternoon of last Tuesday, while after 6pm the system automatically switched to grid n°501.

As it is summertime and attendance is forecasted to be rather low (considering the Covid context and taking into account the actual entries observed during the day) some important discounts were proposed for the evening entries … but only for lengths-of-stay below 12 hours.

Car Park Revenue Management

Another example is given with grid n°513, that can sometimes be applied just before the lunch break: in that case, attractive prices are proposed to short-stay customers (less than 2 hours).

Parking Dynamic Pricing
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Parking Dynamic Pricing